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Turner Ministry Resource Center

Programs for Clergy

The mission of theTurner Ministry Resource Center (TMRC) is to encourage life-enhancing dialogue among God's people. The TMRC offers various programs to promote healthy clergy and congregational life. In addition, the Center offers a Covenant Congregation Program (CCP) for counseling of individuals, couples, and families. The TMRC also provides educational opportunities and other services to clergy and congregation members.

For more information about any of these ministries and programs, please contact us at 706-649-6360 ext. 1306 or

Programs for Clergy

Clergy in Kairos

Spiritual Renewal and Clergy Crisis

The Pastoral Institute’s Clergy in Kairos program has been an oasis of refreshment and spiritual renewal for clergy for over two decades. We offer a personalized week that includes a mini-sabbatical of therapy, spiritual direction, vocational assessment, and stress and wellness assessment. The week also includes a variety of avenues for personal restoration, to include therapeutic massage, if desired. 

Clergy in Kairos has been reviewed for its effectiveness and the published findings are available upon request.  To learn more about this program and what to expect during a week of renewal and reflection, click here.  

For more information, contact Christina Hayes at  or 706-649-6500 ext. 1306. For all clinical or pastoral issues and concerns, time can be arranged to speak with Dr. Stephen Muse at or 706-649-6507 ext. 1230.

Clergy Assessments

The Turner Ministry Resource Center (TMRC) offers specialized clergy assessment and career development services for people preparing for missions and ministry as well as those already involved in ministry. Counseling can provide direction or affirmation of a current job for pastors or other religious professionals.Either the individual clergy member or the denominational office may request these services.

For more information please contact us at 706-649-6360 ext. 1306 or

Preparing for the Mission Field

The TMRC provides testing for candidates seeking ordination or placement in the mission field. Testing provides insight into an individual's leadership abilities, personality type, and psychological fitness as well as his/her preparation for ministry. Once a candidate completes the testing, he/she will meet with a clinician for an additional evaluation. Candidate referral should be completed by the denomination.

For more information please contact us at 706-649-6360 ext. 1306 or

Clergy Coaching

Clergy Coaching is a private relationship that uses evidence-based methods and strategies to assist pastors, priests, rabbis, and congregational leaders.  Coaching can help with personal and congregational goal setting for effective church leadership. 

For more information please contact us at 706-649-6360 ext. 1306 or