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Turner Ministry Resource Center

Services for Congregations

Services for Congregations

The Turner Ministry Resource Center (TMRC) offers services to support congregations of many denominations through services designed to help assess, coach, and support change within churches.  These services include the CAT: Congregational Assessment Tool, DRIVE: Congregational Coaching, SHIFT: Congregational Transitions, and YOU TURN: Congregational Rebirth.  For more information about each of these services see below.  

For information on any of these programs, e-mail us at or call  706.649.6360 ext. 1306 or Earl J. Nichols,  D. Min., Director the Clergy and Congregational Life at 706.649.6360 ext. 1266.

CAT: Congregation Assessment Tool

The TMRC staff uses the Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT) developed by HolyCow Consulting. Presently, this instrument is the only evidence-based assessment tool for churches. It has been used to assess the vitality of more than 1300 congregations.

We know that pastors, congregational leaders and the members of the congregation perceive the level of satisfaction and energy of the congregation quite differently. Frequently, the pastor and the leaders believe that things are going well. Imagine if they were to discover that a significant number of people in the congregation are quite dissatisfied. Imagine that the pastor and leaders believe things aren’t going well, while the people are very satisfied. Either situation limits the vision and planning for the congregation. These differences in understanding are the rule rather than the exception.

With the CAT, the pastor, the leaders, and the congregation can have accurate information available to them. The leaders will have evidenced-based results which will provide them with the necessary information for direction and focused planning.

To learn more or to schedule a meeting, e-mail or call us at 706-649-6360 ext. 1306. 

Drive: Congregational Coaching

Congregations often need a sense of direction in some specific area of ministry. They often need leadership and support throughout this change process. Through the TMRC, this process typically begins with identifying where a congregation is located in the “Life Cycle of the Congregation.” Understanding the Congregational Life Cycle will give the leaders and congregation a sense of where to begin the change process.

From this initial, brief introduction, a member of the staff of the TMRC can lead the congregation to find a clear sense of direction. We can support the pastor, leaders, and congregation through this process.

To learn more or to schedule a meeting, e-mail or call us at 706-649-6360 ext. 1306. 

Shift: Congregational Transitions

Nearly every congregation is moving through times of natural transition. But there are times in the life of the healthy congregation when it must make a major change. Some of these are times of plateau, pastoral transition, a change in worship style, relocation or a redefinition of ministry focus. These are often critical times.

These transitions offer the congregation opportunities to grow. However, they also can be times of pain and loss.

Shift is a planned process of change designed in cooperation with the leaders and congregation. Shift offers a plan and designed timetable for anticipated changes. The purpose of Shift is to assist and support the congregation through these challenging times of transition.

To learn more or to schedule a meeting, e-mail or call us at 706-649-6360 ext. 1306. 

You Turn: Congregational Rebirth

There are times a congregation needs a serious re-thinking of where it stands at the present time. This means answering the basic question, “Why does God have us here in this place, with these resources, at this time?” Answers from the past will no longer address the needs where the congregation is in its present life.

Occasionally, a congregation doesn’t have the internal resources to grow the congregation from where it is.

You Turn is a planned process to begin again. After an assessment, a plan is designed to assist the congregation to study its strengths, examine its context of ministry, and to plan for the changes necessary. With informed leadership and careful planning, the congregation can rediscover a new vision for ministry. 

To learn more or to schedule a meeting, e-mail or call us at 706-649-6360 ext. 1306.