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  • by Dr. Stephen Muse
    Amim, what happened to your nose? Where are your mouth and ears? Where did your fingers and hair go?

    Amim is a strange and beautiful story with a universal message about the uniqueness of each human being, the hunger for love, and how painful is the fear of rejection. A refugee far from his country, among strangers, a child like any other, seeking acceptance and willing to pay any price for friendship until… In his search for the OTHER he finally finds a way to be HIMSELF!

  • The Peddler and the Disenchanted Mirror
    The Peddler and the Disenchanted Mirror

    By Rev. Dn. Stephen Muse
    The Peddler and the Disenchanted Mirror is the story of a woman in search of her perfect image. One day at a dusty flea market she finds an unusual mirror, which she tries to purchase to add to her collection. Her struggle with the mirror, the peddler and herself changers her forever. Reader be cautioned. This is an enchanted book that once read, will not easily be forgotten.

  • By William B. Turner with Delane Chappell
    In this highly personal book, Turner chronicles his life and the spiritual journey that led him to embrace the concept of servant leadership and practice it during his leadership at Synovus Financial Corp. In 1999, Fortune magazine named Synovus the "Best Company to Work for in America."

  • By Stephen Muse, PhD.
    If as Dostoevsky says, "Beauty will save the world," it is because beauty arises only in the presence of love. Without love, there is nothing beautiful. There is nothing valuable. There is nothing meaningful. Meaning arises and transformation occurs through the call and response of personal encounter when we discover a third presence Who offers us being-in-relationship that is greater than the determinism and inertia of biological life. The stories and reflections in this volume are offered in celebration of the One who, in surprising ways and unexpected circumstances, becomes the precious and pure gift of our being bread so that we may live the mystery of becoming bread for others. Muse wishes this for all who read this book.

  • By Stephen Muse, PhD.
    Stephen Muse is a pastoral counselor and pastor’s pastor who directs the Pastoral Institute's Clergy in Kairos program in Columbus, Georgia - a nationally recognized pastoral resource offering clergy a mini-sabbatical of intensive dialogue for discernment, restoration and renewal.

    This book is arguably one of the best on pastoral counseling to have been published in the past twenty years. Make this a text to share among your friends. Give a copy to your favorite priest --InCommunion

  • Edited by Dr. Stephen Muse with contributions from Turner Ministry Resource Center Staff
    This resource was conceived in the hearts of pastors and written for pastors who need quick medicine for the restoration of their souls and long-term healing. It addresses the most critical areas of clergy care that support a long-term ministry: protecting the sense of call to ministry, identifying unconscious motivations that distort priorities, dealing with difficult parishioners, disruptions in clergy family life, prayer and spiritual direction, sabbaticals, maintaining ethical boundaries in intimacy, relocation grief, conflict resolution in the church and the ministry of preaching. This timely reference that alerts pastoral care-givers to the need for balance in ministry is strongly recommended as necessary reading for seminarians and continuing pastoral education.

  • Edited by Dr. Stephen Muse
    Raising Lazarus takes an adventuresome approach to the fundamental practical issue raised by the Christian faith: How are we to live the union of divine and human life that is offered to us by Christ?

  • A compilation of edited talks given at the 2015 National Conference of Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology and Religion. Includes 20 chapters by physicians, psychiatrists, clergy, therapists and health professionals from the U.S., Greece, Canada and Romania. To purchase, click title and follow link. Select Donate Now, and then enter $19.95.

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