Counseling for Individuals, Couples & Families

If you are an individual, family or part of a couple in need of therapy, the Counseling Center is here for you. Our full-time and part-time clinicians have a wide variety of backgrounds and specialty areas.  We are available to talk to you about many issues, including:

  • Improving Intimacy in Relationships
  • Reducing and Managing Stress
  • Alleviating Sadness and Depression
  • Coping With a Loss
  • Manage the Stress of Parenting
  • Addressing Substance Abuse
  • Attaining Balance in Life
  • Reducing Stress and Overcoming Anxiety
  • Altering Negative Behaviors
  • Creating a Fulfilling Life
  • Realizing Career Goals
  • Improving Body Image

Does your company or church offer counseling as a mental health benefit?  Find out more here: Employee Assistance Companies and Churches



Ready to schedule an appointment?  Let us help match you to the right counselor, call our Intake Coordinators today at 706-649-6500.  

Click here for a list of Mental Wellness Apps that you might find helpful. 

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