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Testing for Children & Teens

The Sarah T. Butler Children’s Center provides psychological evaluations and testing for children ages 1½ through adolescents. Testing can sound like a scary thing, but we talk to you, observe your child, and make recommendations. Testing and evaluations are often the best way to equip you with a way forward with social interactions, school issues, etc. Let us help. We provide evaluations to assess for:

  • ADHD,
  • behavioral disorders,
  • learning disorders,
  • IQ,
  • giftedness,
  • trauma/PTSD,
  • autism spectrum disorders (including Asperger's disorder),
  • developmental delays,
  • mood disorders such as anxiety and depression or
  • other psychological problems.


If you are interested in scheduling psychological testing, please call 706-649-6507 ext. 1361, and ask for an initial appointment. That way we can determine what testing will best suit your needs. We know this is a hard step and will do our best to make it smooth. 

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