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Testing and Assessments

Pastoral Institute psychologists provide psychological evaluations for children (ages 18 months and up), adolescents and adults.


Testing for Mental Health Conditions

Some of the testing services we provide include evaluations to assess for ADHD, behavioral disorders, learning disorders, IQ, giftedness, trauma/PTSD, autism spectrum disorders (including Asperger's disorder), developmental delays, mood disorders such as anxiety and depression or other psychological problems. 


Career Counseling & Assessment

The Counseling Center offers a number of assessments that can help you identify a career that best suits your skills and interests. Career assessments provide an opportunity to discover your strengths and possible weaknesses as well as your interests and talents.


Substance Abuse Assessments

If you or a family member are experiencing problems with alcohol or drugs, the first step towards recovery is a comprehensive substance abuse assessment. This assessment can determine what you need and link you to the appropriate level of treatment. Specialized assessments which include DOT or SAP required evaluations are also available.

If you are in legal difficulties with a DUI or probation, please check on the type of substance abuse assessment needed as requirements can vary greatly by county or state. 


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