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You Turn: Congregational Rebirth

There are times a congregation needs a serious re-thinking of where it stands at the present time. This means answering the basic question, “Why does God have us here in this place, with these resources, at this time?” Answers from the past will no longer address the needs where the congregation is in its present life.

Occasionally, a congregation doesn’t have the internal resources to grow the congregation from where it is.

You Turn is a planned process to begin again. After an assessment, a plan is designed to assist the congregation to study its strengths, examine its context of ministry, and to plan for the changes necessary. The congregation is then equipped to answer that question, “Why does God have us here in this place, with these resources, at this time in our congregational life?”

With informed leadership and careful planning, the congregation can rediscover a new vision for ministry. The leaders and members of the congregation spend significant time praying, evaluating, and planning. The people of the congregation invest time in understanding the present culture to which the church is called to minister. The congregation then re-opens with a new sense of vision, a new strategy, and equipped for a new direction in ministry.

Our staff can lead and support in the planning and development process of this congregational re-birth, a congregational You Turn. E-mail us at or call us at 706-649-6360 ext. 1306 and we'll help you make the You Turn.

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