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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is an invitation to discover the spiritual disciplines of prayer, meditation and our growing desire for significance. It is the process of drawing closer to God and explores our relationship with Him. Often a Spiritual Director is a part of the process.

Spiritual Direction is specific to your spiritual journey and is valuable whether you are taking the first steps to learn to pray or have been meditating for decades.  Taking into consideration your unique personality and temperament, a Spiritual Director helps you reflect on how to pray, your ongoing or unfolding spiritual practices, and the stages of spiritual development in the life of a sincere seeker.

Like prayer, contemplation and meditation, Spiritual Direction nourishes the spiritual aspect of being human, allowing us to serve with authenticity and grateful hearts.

Spiritual Direction encourages you to explore a closer relationship with God by focusing on your personal prayer life and connection with God. You might seek a Spiritual Director for a variety of reasons including:

  • identifying and trusting your own experiences of God,
  • integrating spiritual practices into your daily life,
  • discerning and making difficult choices,
  • sharing your hopes, struggles and losses, and
  • life transitions.

Spiritual Direction is not psychotherapy or counseling
Spiritual Direction focuses on your prayer life and relationship with God. The focus of psychotherapy or counseling usually deals with resolving past or present trauma, emotional and/or behavioral concerns.

Roles of a Spiritual Director

  • Listens to the sacred stories of people's lives.
  • Serves as companions to people on their spiritual journey.
  • Guides us toward an awareness of God's presence and grace in our lives.
  • Notices the personal experiences of God found in prayer, relationships, nature.

If you are interested in meeting with one of our Spiritual Directors, please contact Deb McCranie at 706-649-6360 ext.1253 or

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