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Employee Assistance Program

FAQs for Employers

  • How confidential is your EAP?

    We are bound by the same HIPAA laws as your physician. Only under rare circumstances where lives are in danger are we allowed to break confidentiality.

  • Can I mandate that an employee go to counseling?


  • How will I know that an employee is attending counseling sessions under Mandated Referrals?

    We will let you know if he/she attends but not the content of the counseling session.

  • How do you make sure that only the employees I want covered are allowed to use my EAP?

    You may provide us with updated employee lists but we also check ID's upon arrival.

  • What is the typical EAP usage rate for employees?

    Most companies typically find that only about 4% - 7% of their employees use their EAP and only when they are in real need of help. Typically, a client who seeks help will come about 5 times in a year.

  • What types of things connected to counseling would not be covered under our EAP?

    Individuals are responsible for costs associated with specialized testing/evaluations or services beyond normal in-office counseling.

  • What annual training should we provide for our employees to protect the company from law suits?

    We recommend three areas: Discrimination and Harassment, Drugs and Alcohol, and Workplace Violence. Failure to train in these areas has landed many companies in legal hot water in the past. By training you can sometimes avoid liability.

  • Can you customize training for our particular needs?


  • Can you train at our facilities?


  • Does it cost more to train at the PI vs. our facility?

    No, plus we sometimes provide snacks and drinks at no additional cost when training is done at the PI. In addition, we have several options for catering meals at very reasonable rates.

  • Do you provide training outside the Columbus/Phenix City area?

    Yes. Travel costs and accommodations charges usually apply.