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Employee Assistance Program

Information for Employers

Employee Assistance Program - For Employers

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an employee benefit program offered at no cost to the employee and their dependents; fees are paid by the employer.  An EAP is intended to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health, and well-being. Through the Employee Assistance Program, the Business Resource Center offers individual and family counseling for employees and dependents of area companies. Confidentiality is maintained in accordance with privacy laws and ethical standards.

Think of an EAP as the mental health component of your employee’s health benefits. It is designed to enhance employee health and productivity through prevention, identification, and resolution of personal and family problems that might interfere with work. It is an integral component of a Drug Free Workplace.

Our team also works in a consultative role with managers and supervisors to help address employee and organizational challenges and needs.

Employee Assistance Programs, which provide a three to five times ROI, have been shown to:

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Decrease utilization of insurance
  • Decrease turnover
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve employee morale

At times,companies use the EAP as a management tool. Our mandated referral process allows you to require an employee to attend counseling to address work-related issues that are interfering with job performance. Fill out the Mandated Referral Form and call us at 706 649-6500 to discuss. 

To promote the EAP to your employees, we provide:

  • brochures
  • wallet cards
  • posters, and
  • orientations.

Our staff also provides management and supervisory consultations, back-to-work consultations, and coordination of trauma response for your employees should a death, industrial accident, robbery or other trauma occur.