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Clinical Training Program

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Building Tomorrow's Counselors

In response to the growing need for qualified mental health professionals, the Pastoral Institute is proud to announce our transformative clinical training program. Geared towards, practicum students, interns and residents, our program is designed to cultivate the essential skills and competencies required for a successful career as a licensed counselor. With a commitment to nurturing talent and strengthening the mental health workforce within our community, we are dedicated to empowering the next generation of counselors.


Programs Key Components:
  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: Our curriculum is carefully crafted to cover a wide range of topics essential for effective counseling practice, including theoretical frameworks, assessment techniques, intervention strategies, ethics, and cultural competence.
  2. Free Supervised Clinical Experience: Participants will have the opportunity to apply their learning in real-world settings through supervised clinical placements. Under the guidance of experienced clinicians, interns will work directly with clients, gaining invaluable experience in assessment, treatment planning, and therapeutic interventions.
  3. Paid Professional Development Trainings: Regular trainings and workshops will be conducted to enhance participants' professional skills and competencies. Topics may include Ethics, EMDR, Moral Injury, Trauma Response, Healing Grief, Working with LGBTQ+, Compassion Fatigue, Tips for Diagnosis and Documentation, and much more.
  4. Community Engagement: As part of our commitment to community building, participants will have the opportunity to engage in outreach activities, workshops, and community events aimed at promoting mental health awareness and destigmatizing help-seeking behaviors.  
  • Free supervision
  • Paid stipend with benefits
  • Two weeks paid vacation
  • Two weeks paid sick
  • Employee Assistance Program for staff
  • Professional liability insurance under the Pastoral Institute's group policy
  • Company paid employee life insurance, and short-term disability benefits
  • Paid specialty training
  • Participation in group clinical consultations (SERT)
  • Diverse practice exposure with our Employee Assistance Program and non-profit community partners
  • Other benefits which you may elect include: individual and family insurance, medical spending accounts, dental insurance and AFLAC insurance, and flex spending accounts