How Can We Help?

The Pastoral Institute is a non-profit faith-based organization located in MidTown Columbus, GA. We have been serving the community for over 40 years through our various services. The Pastoral Institute provides counseling and education to individuals, couples, families, and children. We’re here to assess problems, provide personal growth and explore solutions from a holistic perspective, but most importantly, we’re here to listen.


Do You Qualify For Free Counseling?


Over 150 local organizations have partnered in our Employee Assistance Program to offer free counseling to their employees.
Click here to find out if your company has this benefit.
  • Our services are designed to help individuals, couples, families and organizations. Click to learn more, and take a look.

  • Check out our calendar of events to find out more information about training, groups, and fundraising events. Find out more.

  • The Sarah T. Butler Children's Center is proud to introduce 'SUMMER CAMPS'! During these summer camps, we provide children that are dealing with mental health conditions, who often times are unable to participate in traditional camps, with a camp where they can have fun and develop the necessary skills to create relationships with peers.

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