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Adult Services



If you are an individual, family or part of a couple in need of therapy, the Counseling Center is here for you. Our full-time and part-time clinicians have a wide variety of backgrounds and specialty areas.  We are available to talk to you about many issues, including:

  • Improving Intimacy in Relationships
  • Reducing and Managing Stress
  • Alleviating Sadness and Depression
  • Coping With a Loss
  • Manage the Stress of Parenting
  • Addressing Substance Abuse
  • Attaining Balance in Life
  • Reducing Stress and Overcoming Anxiety
  • Altering Negative Behaviors
  • Creating a Fulfilling Life
  • Realizing Career Goals
  • Improving Body Image

Does your company or church offer counseling as a mental health benefit? Many local companies and churches offer counseling as a benefit. Find out more here: Employee Assistance Companies and Churches



Testing for Mental Health Conditions: Some of the testing services we provide include evaluations to assess for ADHD, behavioral disorders, learning disorders, IQ, giftedness, trauma/PTSD, autism spectrum disorders (including Asperger's disorder), developmental delays, mood disorders such as anxiety and depression or other psychological problems. This includes bi-annual re-evaluation for ADHD. 

Career Counseling & Assessment: The Counseling Center offers a number of assessments that can help you identify a career that best suits your skills and interests. Career assessments provide an opportunity to discover your strengths and possible weaknesses as well as your interests and talents.



The mission of the Turner Ministry Resource Center (TMRC) is to encourage life-enhancing dialogue among God's people. The TMRC offers various programs to promote healthy clergy and congregational life. In addition, the Center offers a Covenant Congregation Program (CCP) for counseling of individuals, couples, and families. The TMRC also provides educational opportunities and other services to clergy and congregation members.

Click here to learn about the programs and services offered to our faith-based partners.


Children's Services



Every child's situation is unique. Every child is special. Our therapists are trained in a variety of therapy skills so that we can best treat your child. Our therapists are experienced in a wide range of child and adolescent issues including anxiety, ADHD, depression, trauma, autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders, behavioral concerns, self-help issues, social skills needs, parenting issues, learning problems, and helping children cope with loss, separation, divorce, or military deployment.



As a parent, you know your child best and may be concerned that some milestones have been missed. The Children's Center offers developmental interventions and therapy as well as developmental assessments to help answer your questions. In addition to counseling services, we also offer specialized therapy and testing for children (some as young as 18 months old), teens, and families in therapy.

Testing can sound like a scary thing, but we talk to you, observe your child, and make recommendations. Testing and evaluations are often the best way to equip you with a way forward with social interactions, school issues, etc. Let us help. We provide evaluations to assess for:

  • ADHD,
  • behavioral disorders,
  • learning disorders,
  • IQ,
  • giftedness,
  • trauma/PTSD,
  • autism spectrum disorders (including Asperger's disorder),
  • developmental delays,
  • mood disorders such as anxiety and depression or
  • other psychological problems.



The Sarah T. Butler Children’s Center provides group therapy services for young children through adolescence.  

For children ages 2-9  the topics cover basic social skills such as listening, keeping our hands to ourselves, asking for help, asking questions, joining in, turn taking, initiating and maintaining play with peers.

For middle school children, ages 10-14 the topics cover more advanced conversation skills, friendship skills, hygiene tips, expressing feelings and recognizing other’s feelings, dealing with teasing/bullying, anger management, relaxation, apologizing, accepting consequences and handling disappointment.

Check back for more information on group offerings for fall 2022.